Monday, November 15, 2010

beautifying what I already have

So today I bought my third set of white dishes for the cupboard. I was so proud of myself and my daughter and I unpacked them and put them in the cupboard and boxed up the old ones. I will keep them just incase in the basement. I am sure when we get to the basement crawl space to organize it they will be tossed but for now they will go there.

I also finally found a purple bath mat to complete my bathroom set . I found the beautiful shower curtain with purple butterflies on it this summer but there were no rugs with the set. I have had a really hard time finding a purple one too !!!!!! So all I need to complete my bathroom is a wall paper boarder or tile or something at the top not sure which one yet.
I am currently making a list of what needs to be done in the home. Oh and at the top dont be surprised to see clothes. This is one of my biggest downfalls is laundry. I don't mind washing the clothes or putting them in the dryer but it is the part after that I slack off on. Folding them and putting them away! I have a huge pile in the laundry room some already folded in laundry baskets that need to be put away and some that need to be folded. I also have a whole basket of mix matched socks we just come and take from as needed . At some point these need to find their matching pair and be put away. But they go on the list and will be dealt with another day.
So what do you hate to do ???????????


Amanda said...

i really hate to do laundry too. the folding and putting away part. well i guess i hate all cleaning.. lol

bet your purple bathroom looks really nice. i'd love to update my bathroom

HDMac said...

... oh I need to get back on the bandwagon.... do we get to see pics of the purple bath? :)

The MeFest Team said...

If I picked up whatever I put down, I'd be better off for sure

Cyndi said...

I used to be really bad at putting away clean laundry also. What I have found to work is taking the basket of clean unfolded laundry to the room it belongs in and fold it directly into the drawers shelves and hangers, if I sit down to fold, I won't get up to put them away. At my old place Id wash everything in cold so I didn't have to wait for a full load or mix different laundry from different people to make a full load. We have an issue with iron bacteria in our water so I seperate now, but I've stuck to the rule of folding it directly into its home, not in piles on the floor, couch or table. As for socks, all of my socks match eachother, (fluffy socks and flats liners, excluded). same with hubby's so they're super easy to pair up, also when one gets worn, I only toss out 1 rather than 2. I remember as a kid though, having a big sock basket and occassionally my siblings and I would get paid $0.10 a pair to match them up, wed sit around a big pile in the livingroom and work on them until they were all matched. Anyway, theere are worse things to be bad at around the house, like moldy dried up dirty dishes, or nasty bathroom floors around the toilet!

Cas said...

Loved your tip about the magazines! Had to come and check out your blog and subscribe! Thanks for the support and great idea!

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