Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my I wish it could be like the movie groundhog day where I could have started over but it wasnt . I had to live through the whole day. So first the carbon monoxide detector goes off at 5 am , what a great wakeup call, so I go in and check it out and pull it out and then plug it back in. All is fine no signs of any carbon monoxide at all according to this detector. Of course as a mother I worry then and dont go back to sleep so very very tired come the morning. It doesnt go off again thankfully! Then I get my daughter all ready for school but she is in a bit of a mood because she didnt get any sleep either. Oh my what a pair so I laugh all that off .
Then get in the car and it wont start totally dead. What to do??????? Angel walks to school and I get a boost from a nice neighbour. Okay off to the first school I work at and just 10 minutes late not too bad. Thinking this day was going to get better think again!!! Okay so when I am done at the first school I go to start the car not dead and you can tell it wants to start so badly. As a side note no one at this school had booster cables . I try it a few times and give up go and call a taxi to get to the second school. Then while I am waiting for the taxi some little voice says go and try it again one more time it will start and guess what it did. I go back and cancel the taxi. He is just outside the school when I go out so I tell him sorry but my car started. What a rude taxi driver whatever. Off to the second school this time I back in too just incase I need another boost. Work the afternoon and then when I am done go out to my car and it starts first try. I drive home and let it running because hubbie should be home any moment and I want him to take it directly to the mechanics. He was not too thrilled with this idea but did it anyway. I followed him there to take him home. The mechanic is not really sure but thinks it might be a post in a battery( who knows I dont know a thing about cars). He put in a new battery and said drive it with this for 4 or 5 days and then if nothing else happens come back and pay for it. Okay so now my fingers are crossed that was an easy enough fix!
After supper I decide some things should be done around the house so I swept my daughter's room, and I am doing her laundry. I am going to throw out some old roses and dust around the computer ! Then at sometime tonight I think I will take a long hot bath to rest and relax!!!!!!
Hope your day was better than mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres to tomorrow is Friday and the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HDMac said...

((((((((((Diane))))))))))))))) Oh, I sure hope you got your nice warm long bath!!!!!!!

Drop by my blog, I have an award for you! :)