Monday, November 3, 2008

Something I have started

Okay so the new thing I am going to try is happening at hyperhomemaker's blog.
She has a cleaning challenge. I feel this will help me alot.
I have done most of day 1 . I worked really hard at keeping things clean when I did
1s things this summer and day 2 and day 3.
Here is Day 1
Day 1 - Conquering the Kitchen

Make sure daily is done:
- Clear off all counter tops
- Load dishwasher
- Handwash any dishes needed
- Wipe down sink
- Wipe down stovetop
- Wipe down all the counters
- Swiffer the floor

- Take everything out of the pantry.
- Wipe down shelves.
- Toss old items and donate unused good items.
- Repackage all messy items into nice containers.
- Place all items back into the pantry in an organized fashion.

- Take everything out of the fridge and freezer (placing items in a cooler with all the remaining ice.
- Scrub down the inside and outside of the fridge, shelves, doors, ice maker and freezer.
- Replace water filter if you have one.
- Clean fridge condenser coil.- didnt do this one *********
- Toss old or useless food.
- Place everything back into fridge in an organized fashion.

- Take ALLL your items out of all your cabinets and drawers. Yes... ALL!
- Wipe down the inside of all cabinets and drawers.
- Wipe down the inside of all containers such as utensil holders.
- Store items not used in over 6 months, or summer seasonal items.
- Thinking logically (ie - potholders next to stove, towels next to sink), try to put everything back in a more useful and purposeful place, and in an organized fashion.
- Scrub down the cupboard exteriors, from to of the kitchen to bottom.

Day 2
Conquering the Kitchen

All Those Appliances:-Replace water filters in sink, coffeemaker etc.
-Descale coffee maker (run through white vinegar and then 2-3 more cycles of just water)
-Polish all appliances
-Clean out microwave and vent- didnt need to do this one new microwave
-Clean out/replace stove hood filter
-Self clean or scrub out stove
-Clean drain (baking soda, vinegar, cover, sit, then add boiling water to wash it down) - still need to do this one ************

Make it Shine:
-Shine sink (Bon Ami, then Windex) - still need to do this one **********
-Dust from top of kitchen to bottom
-Clean that fan or light fixture
-Scrub windows (yes...even that awful interior seal)
-Wash the dish rack, sink liner, and/or drain stoppers
-Scrub tile grout (yeah, I said it!)
-Clean and disinfect inside of trash can
-Vacuum and scrub/mop floor

Day 3
Day 3 - The Ultimate Cleaning Challenge

-Empty the medicine cabinet and all shelves
-Weed through items to get rid of expired or useless things
-Scrub down and clean out cabinets
-Reorganize medicine cabinet in a functional way

I find it much easier to keep up with the kitchen area now that the dishwasher is working
again. It looks so much better without any dishes piling up on the counter.
The one thing I havent done yet from day 1 is to clean the sink. She reccomends that we
pour baking soda down the drain and then vinegar cover and let stand. Then pour hot water
down the drain to clean it out. I will do this tomorrow. Also I need to shine up my sink .
Wonder what she will have for me tomorrow to do?????????
Stay tuned.


HDMac said...

Oh fiddle... you aren't roping me into yet another challenge are you!? lol.. gotta go and check this out.... Heaven knows I need it!

Marcia said...

Oh My Word, do you KNOW how happy that kitchen makes me???

WOW, Diane - you did an AWESOME job!!!!!!!!!

Marcia from Organising queen