Sunday, February 15, 2009

what is new with me???????????!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have started working again on Me Fest a pampering /lifestyle show for woman . It will be held again in Rec. Complex in Waterloo in the Hauser House from 9 to 4. We are busy accepting registration from our past vendors in Sept. first. If you are reading this and want to know more just ask or if you think you might like to be a vendor in the upcoming show again feel free to email me.
So first off my organizing skills have been used to set up an email account for "those2girls" and have organized folders too to have it all organized for both Lisa and myself. I think this system will work but I figure by Wed. when I post what works for me it will be tweaked if needed.
In our first day of posting to our past vendors with a price we are happy to have 26 vendors so far , almost 1/2 our spots filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also volunteered today for our local womans show put on by our newspaper. I was able to get a free bang trim and an updo style. It looked really good and I will try to post some pics this week but I dont think I would ever be able to do it again. I also got reflexology done and a back massage all for free!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well now I am off to bed and I think tomorrow will be a PJ day for us . In Ontario, Canada we have a family day so a day off to spend with our family . It was made into a statuatory holiday last year. I will be hanging out with Angel . I almost forgot Angel got bangs cut too for free. Again pics to follow.
So everyone have a great Monday !!!!!!!!!!!

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HDMac said...

LOL... I don't know WHY I thought this but when I saw the title, I kinda thought you were going to tell us that you were expecting! HAHAHA... had grandbabies over this weekend so you can see where my mind travels!

Diane have a great day! How are you feeling? I am doing better. I found that i had a vitamin D deficiency and that was interesting and can lead to the blues!