Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This morning for me was a surprise my daughter wasnt feeling well and couldnt go to school.
I scrambled like crazy because for me I have to call in by 7 am but now it was 7:30. Yikes I called the one school I work at in the morning and told them what was going on . They were so sweet and they said not to worry at all stay home and take care of her. I called my afternoon school and left a message with them. So disaster averted ! I stayed at home with her.
The one thing though was before I started calling the schools I am suppose to call the principal to let her know I wouldnt be in at home. Okay so I go over to my filing cabinet which I am working on getting organized. I couldnt find anything. I had gone through the filing cabinet a couple of months ago and moved things around and got rid of a whole garbage bag of stuff I no longer needed. I meant to get back to it and finish it up. I had even purchased the filefolders to organize into.
So I quickly just pulled out most of the papers and now I have a heap on the floor so today I am going to finish my file cabinet organizing so I can find stuff a lot easier! Just incase I ever need to have the phonelists from my school again. I will post before and afters in a bit .
So that is what I am doing this Tuesday.

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HDMac said...

Sometimes it takes a day off from other duties to get to the things that we really want to do. Sorry that Angel is sick. Hope she gets to feeling better soon! Hope that you get your project done and look forward to before and after pics.