Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what works for me(secret exercise)

I cant believe it has been so long since I have wrote in my blog!!!!!!!!! Wow life has been busy but not that busy. I do want to change this and be more active blogger this coming year.

So what works for me is that my daughter was not getting much exercise so for christmas she got a wii and wii fit plus. Wow she has not stopped she has been running , jumping , skiing and boxing. I know some of you are thinking that it might not be real exercise but the way I look at it is she is exercising and moving more than she did yesterday.
So that is what works for me to get my child to do more exercise. She wants the dance mat next love the exercise ones!!!!!!!!! They are fun she says and I say yes they look like fun so she continues on.
Shhh... let it be our secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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