Tuesday, December 29, 2009

how we tricked our daughter on christmas

This was so priceless!!!!! What we did was had some gifts wrapped upstairs for her and her stocking too. I had a certain order for her to get her gifts and told hubbie so he wouldnt ruin it. Okay so it worked last she got a gold wrapped gift from us. The a card to go along that had a lot of sentimental sayings in it for her. It also said have fun with all your gold wrapped gifts you deserve it with the way the last year was for you . (It was a rough one!!!!!!!!!! Has been much better since we changed schools) So she reads it and doesnt say anything at all. I say , which was already set up , James where did you put the rest of the gold gifts????? I then say did you forget them downstairs. He says yes and we go down and she sees them but still has no idea what so ever is in them. I say one minute let me set up the video on my camera . I guess I dont do it fast enough because hubbie says go ahead Angel and open it ! What no way I am not ready. Oh well I miss that opportunity for video and I start taking pictures. She opens the first one and says it is a wii. She started crying and was so emotional for receiving it and keeps saying I got a wii!!! She opens the wii fit plus too and is still crying and emotional. By this time I cant see and I am crying too! Wow what an emotional christmas morning!!!!!!!!
I will add another post once I get the pictures uploaded from the camera.
She has been playing on it every day since she got it I would strongly reccommend the wii and wii fit plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HDMac said...

Ah! What a fun memory you created building up to the present!!!! How fun is that? Happy Angel enjoyed her new gifts and she is going to have fun!!!!! :)

HDMac said...

And anxious to see the pictures!