Monday, July 5, 2010

starting the summer challenge

So today will be day one of the challenge I have set out for myself for this summer "clothing ". I will spend at least 15 mins a day trying to get the clothing in my house under control. I have the laundry to get caught up on . I have the clothing that is already laundered to be folded and put away. I have clothing that many nice people have given to me to go through .
Set the timer and off we go .......................

Oh and I have kept my small couch and coffee table clean too !!!!!!!!!!!
I also today will vacuum up from the party we had this weekend!!!!!!!!

Okay better go so I can get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what are your goals for the summer?????????????


Amanda said...

laundry is a huge struggle for me too. last week I bought some new tops/dresses that actually fit me and boxed away all the clothes that no longer fit me. its now great picking out clothes in the morning. no more being stressed that i cant find something that fits.

now if only I could get the rest of the laundry under control. thats one of my goals again this summer.

I started a new blog tonight for a fresh start to help me get my house under control. I was debating to start it or not but all the comments on my old blog last summer (when I was major decluttering) really motivated me.

so i'm going to cheer you on sagain this summer. You can do it!!

HDMac said...

Diane, thank you for your comment. That was so sweet~! You made my heart warm!!!!

Oh... goals... I am trying to get reorganized in my house AGAIN!!! lol Right now, though I am going to go make my hubby his favorite cake before it gets to hot to bake!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for checking out my new blog. had to change the blog address today. silly me put a typo in it. that meant i lost your comment tho. :(