Monday, August 25, 2008

getting better

I am slowly getting better thanks for all the wonderful get well take care emails
from my blogger friends.
It has been hard to only be on the computer for 5 minutes to check emails for any
new things happening with the womans show that I am co-hosting on Sept.13.
We made the floor plan on Sat. and we have 78 vendors for our first show. We
received a few more emails asking about spots too yesteday .
Lots of planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all really coming together I am so happy.
Well today still not 100% but getting there. I am on heavy duty meds and eye cream
too which is making me really tired. Thankfully I have one more week before I go to
My daughter has continued cleaning with moms help. She has went through her old
school stuff and now ready for school next week. We have to go out and buy a new
backpack and a few things later in the week. She got rid of a ton of papers, old lunch
bag. I am always so proud when she cleans.
I have gone through my mail /paper center and cleaned it out and reorganized it too.
I will post later. I have changed it around from before and given hubbie top shelf to
be easier for him to put stuff on top. He had a spot but was still piling things infront
so hopefully this will work.
OKay off to rest the eye.
Tomorrow sidetable when you enter my house. Just getting rid of lots of old old papers.
Happy Decluttering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HDMac said...

Glad that you are daily getting better. I am keeping you in prayers.

I just think it is wonderful that your daughter is catching the spirit. :)

Jen said...

Wish I was close-by and could attend the fun women's show you are planning. Glad your eye is feeling better! :)