Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what works for me - Non salt water softener

Friday we had a no salt water softener installed in our house. I love it! We had a dishwasher that really was on its last leg and truthfully I thought okay we will get the softener and then buy a new dishwasher too. Well we got the water softener and then they gave us citric acid and we ran through two loads without any dishes and low and behold now our dishes are sparkling clean. I love it one less thing for me to do . I love loading and unloading a dishwasher better than hand washing them !!!
Not the only benefit my hair is so much softer and healthier too . We use less product shampoo, soap, conditioner.

The big thing for me though is that no extra salt is going into our bodies. I dont believe that consumers know that for us in the area of Kitchener/Waterloo that a salt water softener used more salt in a year than goes on the roads in the winter time. Yuck!!!!!! Or that the backwash of a salt softener could provide enough water for 1200 homes. What a waste!!!!!
It has also been proven taking salt out of your water can lower your blood pressure.

If we are trying to take it out of diets why would we put salt into our bodies everytime we wash, brush our teeth, wash our hands etc. It is just not needed and I am happy to say we own a no salt water softener.
I hear within two weeks all our dry skin will go away too!!!!! I can hardly wait. We havent done any laundry but it is suppose to be much better no fading of colours and uses less soap too. I will update you .
So that is what works for me this week our no salt water softener.

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HDMac said...

That is really interesting. I have been fortunate to live where we have not needed water softeners for water but this is good information to have for future!

Come by my blog, I have an award for you. :)