Saturday, January 31, 2009

more on accountability

Well I will tell the truth I really didnt keep up my end of the deal I posted. I thoroughly cleaned my bathroom and picked up a bit around the house yesterday but didnt do any laundry! I know how terrible of me. I have made up for it today though I have washed two loads now and will have dried two loads by the end. I plan on folding today, tonight and tomorrow if needed. I dont watch the super bowl so I will put in a movie and fold or watch some stuff on my pvr. Then I want to have it all put away by Sunday night or the lastest Monday when I come home from work. When I come home on Monday night from work the towels are all going in to be washed so I can start following through on my new laudry schedule!
The class I went to yesterday on autism was absolutely amazing I learned so much and met so many nice people. We have part two next p.d day in Feb. I can hardly wait. They said we might have another in April too so we have to contact our union rep and ask her if we can. I cant believe for us it was free and so useful!!!!!!!!!! I now have a list of new things I want to try with my child I work with.
Well off to rest and finish the laundry.
Oh a tip for you all I read on works for me Wednesday is to put your clothes in the dryer for 20 mins. and then when the timer goes off take out the wrinkly kind of clothes like dresses, blouses etc and put them onto hangers to dry . It said they would look crisp like you ironed them. Well I am happy to report to you all I tried it and it works so well. I have done it twice now blouses, little sweaters, dresses, and skirts and all of them looked crisp like I ironed them. I think I might even start hanging some pants and others to dry on their own too because I dont seem to mind too much taking them out and hanging them up but folding them after is another story!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have any laundry hints?????????????????

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