Monday, June 29, 2009

Clean and Clear Challenge begins!!!!!!!!!

I thought we would start off with the smallest room first , the bathroom.
So we may finish this room quicker than one week.

First thing is get out that caddy that you prepared last week. If you haven't done this
yet then stop and go back read the post on getting the caddy ready. If you have then
here is your challenge for today.

1.Take everything off your counter top and clean it . Wipe down the sink and the faucets.
If there is stuff that does not belong on your counter top then find it a home. Put back all
the things that belong on your counter top. Only you can decide what should be there.
Stand back and admire your sparkling sink and counter top. Get that ahhhhhhhh... feeling
to keep you going and coming back her tomorrow to find out what is next!!!!!!!!!!!

For me now using the norwex microfiber cleaning cloth it is so easy I take my spray
bottle of just water and spray everywhere getting everything wet. Then take the cloth
and wipe it all down . Easy!

Remember baby steps and we will be able to have our whole house sparkling.
This is one area that really does stay clean for me so basically when I see something on the counter I pick it up and put it away. So go and clean and stop reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow more cleaning with those2girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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