Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the above pictures you can see what I have in my cleaning caddy. Again this is
just an idea if you want to make one but put in what works for you .

microfiber cleaning cloths
squirt water bottle- only water in the bottle for cleaning
baking soda
dusting mitten microfiber
cleaning caddy
microfiber polishing clothes

No chemical cleaning products at all . I clean with water and cloths.
I will be getting a mop system from Norwex too soon which I will blog about when I get it.
Right now we use swiffer dusting mop and a regular mop . We also have a broom too.

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Sarah said...

Where did you get the microfibre cleaning cloths?? DO they hve stuff like that at Dollerama??

Diane said...

I have bought some from dollerama but love the norwex one better. It is heavier like a towel the ones from dollerama are thin so you cant get a good scrub going. I use the dollerama one to clean the toilet. I am getting more norwex products soon and will comment on those too once I get them.