Saturday, June 13, 2009

something new and exciting to announce

Last summer I did a wonderful challenge that really helped me to get rid of clutter and clean up my place. Okay as I have posted many posts that I have a hard time maintaining what I do. I am great at cleaning , organizing and decluttering but the only problem is that I cant maintain it. I am not sure why because once I have completed a whole room I get the ahhhhhhhhhhhh... kind of feeling that makes me happy, content, and satisfied but it doesnt carry me to do other cleaning or to try really really hard at maintaining that space. So I came up with an idea on how to clean my house.
I wanted to share it with my friends and my friend Lisa said what a great idea lets do it through our other blog too .
Basically I find the bloggers try to do it way too fast and I cant keep up so if I can do this everyone else will be able too. Basically we will pick one room a week and do the whole room in small increments. So at the end of the week that room will be totally done. It will be small sections that will be doable while still living. I know myself I can not clean my whole house in the span of a week which many bloggers do. They are whirl winds but that for me is not my speed I need to take it a bit slower.
So if you want to join on and it sounds like fun pass it along to friends the more the merrier. I think having others joining really motivates me to keep going right Marcia and Marcia and Tina you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big thanks to these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!
I will post pics you can then post in the comment section links to your posts too so we can cheer each other on.
Sound good?????????????????????????????????
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HDMac said...

Ok... I am in.... One room at a time .. one day at a time... one small step for the household, one giant step for my sanity! :)

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

I'm in...and I'll see who else wants to join in too :)

Beth Dargis said...

Great idea!