Monday, May 11, 2009


So like I said in a past blog post that I would do something every
day . Today the task that really needed to be completed was to
put away 2 loads of folded laundry . I went to put away my daughter's
laundry and the drawers were a huge mess. So I took the time to refold
all of the clothes in the drawer so they would be neat and easy to find. I also
purged what I thought was too small for her too !!!!
I love awhile ago I showed my daughter of a post that someone posted
where they folded and rolled their clothes to fit them all in but to be able
to see them easily. Here is a past picture but really that is very similiar to
what it looks like today too.
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!
I think I am getting bronchitis off to the doctors tomorrow to check.

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