Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My discovery

Yesterday I was reading some posts on blogs about organizing and decluttering and why it does or does not work for people. I realized again that for me it is truly very very important to have a schedule and follow it for my cleaning. If I dont I find I come home from work go on the computer and then look around and say where should I start????????? But then it is time to make supper and I dont start. So I am going to give me the rest of the week but starting Monday there will be a schedule and I will follow it pretty closely. Hopefully it will bring about order to this house instead of chaos.
I need to start writing things down again. I feel such a huge accomplishment when I stroke things off my list plus all the things are not in my head. This way I can empty out my head and get everything to paper. This way I wont miss anything!!!!!!!!!! Like I went to the mall this week bought a couple of cute tops but forgot to buy myself deodorant. Thankful my daughter uses it too! But if it had been written down I would have looked and purchased it.
So back to the old ways and hopefully I will get back to the ordered life or somewhat.

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