Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what works for me

Antibac Baby Body Pack

Personal Care

What works for me is the face clothes we have bought from Norwex.
My daughter used to have really acne prone skin, thanks to hormones.
We had tried countless products to find they dont work. We started using
the faceclothes and no product and she has only a few break out spots left.
You read that right no products just water and the cloth. Like a miracle really.
I love that we arent putting any product on her face that contains nasty chemicals
but it is purely 100% natural. So if you want to save money and just use water and a
cloth this is the way to go. Plus they are guaranteed for 2 years .
If you live in the tri-city area here is the wonderful norwex salesperson I use. Her name
is Sherri. But if not she can ship to you . If you do order please mention my name . Thank you She is very knowledgable and friendly and so helpful.

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HDMac said...

Sounds like a great product!

Hope you are feeling better this morning! :)