Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday and cleaning

Today in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day. We get to have a day off to celebrate .
Yesterday one of our good friends had a bbq party complete with fireworks to celebrate.
Awesome food, long lost friends, great times and wonderful fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today with having the day off thought that it would be a good day to do some deep cleaning
of the living room. So I cleaned everywhere in the living room every nook and cranny. Wow it gleams and I love it. All I have to do now is to keep it that way. It might be harder said than done but I am sure going to try hard. That is where I falter is keeping up with what I do. I am really really good at the deep cleaning , organizing and purging too but then it is to maintain what I have done. I am not the best at that but will try and try again till I accomplish this.
My goal is to deep clean , organize and purge every room so that all I have to do is maintain each room every day . I know there are some blogs I read about them doing room a day. I know that would tire me out too much and some rooms will take more than a day to do so I am trying to be realistic.
I didnt take a pic of todays cleaning but have one that from the past that looks like it does now that I will post .
I also made a list today of what I want to accomplish in every room by the end of the summer. I think that gives me lots of time to complete my list.

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HDMac said...

Morning Diane!

The bookmark is REALLY easy to make. You take beading cord that stretches and cut a 15 inch length. Choose the charm of your choice. I fold the cord in half and loop the loop end thru the charm and then take the two loose ends and put thru the loop and pull to attach. I tie the knot in the end with the two ends and cut pretty close to the end and then I like to put some clear glue to help the knot hold. That easy peasey!!! The the cord stretches around the cover of the book and to the page to hold... it doesn't fall off! :)

have a wonderful day!!!!

HDMac said...

PS. I used to live in Port Angeles just across the Straits of Juan DeFuca. As a teen I went to Victoria Days a couple of times. That was a LONG parade to be part of but fun!!!!!

Keep up the good work, Di. I struggle maintaining but I am going to keep at it also!!!!