Friday, July 3, 2009

Before and After Pics

The weird thing is I always miscalculate how much time it will take to declutter and organize.
Today it took me the same amount of time to declutter all three areas seen above as it did to
clean out the bathtub yesterday. Sometimes we put off something because we think it will take
too long but then once we dig in it doesnt take that long.
So here are the befores and afters of my pics. I got rid of a garbage bag of junk.
I want to buy a basket the size that I have the bath stuff in maybe two might fit and
change out my hair stuff and then have a home for the curling irons too which for now are on a shelf in the linen closet because we dont use them.
Tomorrow is the last day for the bathroom.

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1 comment:

Laura said...

Wow, that is so awesome!! And it's so true isn't it, we tend to put things off because we think they'll take forever when most often it goes so much faster. Great point!