Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today we move on to the Kitchen

How awesome you are all doing 2 rooms down!!!!!!!!!

Today we are going to clean the fridge inside and outside.
I have found two you tube videos for you to watch to give you
some ideas. I will post pics too of my fridge to show you . I use
baskets everywhere they are really what helps me to organize
and contain clutter. Sometimes it does not help but the one spot
that I have found it really helps is the fridge. I have been thinking of
getting some more too .
I have one for veggies we use to cut up for lunches and I have one for
fruit we use for lunches too. The last one holds all the smaller containers
of yogurt, pudding and the likes that get lost are too hard to get out for
lunch or a snack. I find foods in these baskets get eaten more than the
foods stored in the bottom drawers.
I take two minutes no more when the food comes in to get rid of the packages
and now they are just grab and go. I also use the green bags to keep my veggies
and fruits to last longer too.
So here are the videos



The other tip I learned which I will pass on is to put a couple pieces of paper towel in bottom
of all the baskets or drawers. It is so easy if it spills just then to toss the paper towel and keeps
the drawers clean.
I have tried the green mats you can buy at dollerama and they are useless they dont make
produce last longer and if anything gets spilled on them they are sticky and a mess.
Paper towels are the way to go!!!!!!!!!
So go and clean and then pour yourself a nice summer drink and go out in the sunshine!!!!!!

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