Monday, July 27, 2009

more decluttering

So today we move on to our utensils. Take them all out and decide which ones
you will get rid of. As you do this sort them into like piles to actually see how many
you have of each thing. Toss what you truly dont use or need. Clean out drawer and then
place them back into a spot we will call home.
The second task which might take a little longer is to go through your food cupboards
and check for old food or food you could donate to the food bank. So here we go take
out all the food and sort into like piles. Clean the cupboard or pantry and then place
like items back into the spot you will call home.

Here are some to help you videos to help

For me I have to buy a basket for my baking goods. I am also trying to re-arrange a
few things and the utensil drawer cant be done till tomorrow till I have space. I am going
to have two utensil drawers one for the big stuff and one for the silverware. I have to clean
out another area tomorrow which will then give me room to move around a few things to
free up the other drawer I will be using for the big utensils. Then I will buy a basket or two
to store my tea towels and dish clothes too . So for me personally it will be a work in progress.

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