Friday, July 3, 2009

On We Go!!!!!!! Decluttering Day!!!!!!!!!!

Today we are decluttering. I am so excited for this part of the challenge because my main goal this summer is to declutter every single room!!!!!!!

So the spaces I have to declutter in my bathroom are under the sink ((really really needs it), the medicine cabinet( just a bit of rearranging), and the shelves above the toilet. You may have drawers too so today is the day for them too. My are all organized I did it last year and kept them this way. (see pic above)

I am not sure what you have but declutter everything and everywhere in the bathroom area.
If you havent used it in a year toss it !!!!!!!!

1) take everything out from under the sink (move)
2) place into piles or groups ( sort)
3)then toss all the stuff you dont need, dont use or wonder why it is even there
4) then wipe clean which I will do with my microfiber cloth and water
5) place back in organized. I use baskets which I purchased last year when I did this.
So figure out what works for you to place everything back in again.
6) move on to medicine cabinet and repeat
7) then lastly shelves take everything off
8) dust
9) decide what goes back on
10) Stand back and admire your work you are almost finished the bathroom!!!!!!!!!
11) Treat yourself!!!!!!!! Great work!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post before and afters here on this site so check back and feel free to share yours too or links to your blogs in the comment section.

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