Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we go on !!!!!!!!!!

First off I say do what works for you right. Well that is basically why
I didnt post anything on Monday or Tues. Monday I couldnt have gotten on
my com[puter to post anything till 12:30 am Tues technically. Have to share
the computer with hubbie and daughter and then had a few plans that took me
out of the house that day.
Tuesday I did what worked for me and that was celebrating my daughter's birthday
at Canada's Wonderland. We had such a great time and I was gone from 8am till
10 pm last night. Too tired to post any ideas last night.

Okay so now I am back on track ! We are starting the living room which will take more than a week but we will see once we get going.
First off we are going to dust everything !! Next we are going to vacuum up all the dust and vacuum our rugs.
That is all for today.
Easy really I will use my dust cloth and possibly my micro cloth and go and dust all pictures, tv, shelves, cabinets. Dont move anything yet though on the bookshelves that is a whole other day. Just dust around them.
I have a huge ceiling fan too that I am sure needs dusting.

So go and get started!!!!!!!!!!!

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mommy2monkeyNgobo said...

I am going to go and do my fan right now!