Tuesday, July 21, 2009

start decluttering

Okay so today find a spot you want to start decluttering. We will be doing food and dishes soon.
Then remove all the stuff from that spot. Clean that spot and place back only what you love.
Today I picked the microwave cart and still having a hard time letting go. I took everything out of the cart and then wiped it all down . Then I looked at the stuff that was going back and in and thought I wont use some of this stuff I should get rid of them. I didnt I neatly put them back but I am going to get rid of the fondue pot that has never been used. The other thing that I thought I should get rid of is a blender now that I have the magic bullet. But what happens if the magic bullet breaks I need that blender is my thought. Now that I have looked back I will be getting rid of the blender because truthfully if the magic bullet breaks I will be going out to buy another right away.
So I have a bit of empty space to fill with other stuff.
I have to wait till I declutter one cupboard area where I am literally tossing everything already decided. It will give me room to move around things then.
Well go and purge and declutter. Come back tomorrow when we start with our purging our dishes.

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