Monday, December 29, 2008

challenge you can join

There is a website that says you can form a habit in less than 30 days. They want you to record one thing you want to change and then to report every day on the forum if you did it. I joined and decided to start off small because I do something every day already and didnt want to really complicate it and not accomplish either of them. So the one thing I picked was to keep my kitchen counter clean. They say you should have a trigger and mine is before I go to bed I need to make sure it is clean of everything. They say for you take 15 minutes a day doing it. I will be putting dishes away and wiping it down and putting whatever builds up there away. I love having this corner clean it just breathes the good vibes. This is a pic from this summer but it looks the same now that is all clean and I plan on keeping it this way.
Come and join me at

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HDMac said...

It does look great, Diane. Will check out the website!