Friday, December 19, 2008

wow a snow storm

My batteries arent working on my camera or I would sent you guys a picture.
They cancelled all buses for the schools but left the schools open. What a crazy
decision considering it was very very slippery on the roads.
I came home and was safe thank goodness but found my driveway needed
to be snow plowed ! Hubbie was at work and I had no idea how to use our small
snow blower. I knew when he came home at midnight it would be awful if he had
to snow blow to get in the driveway so .... I went downstairs and brought up the
snow blower and tried to figure it out. I managed to figure it out and got the driveway
all blown out so I could pull up my car and then hubbie could get in behind me. Here in
Canada once it snows the city calls snow day and then that means you cant park on the
streets or you get a heavy fine with a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!
Well then I came in and of course dear daughter wants some supper. So I go to put on soup
so pour out the soup and pour in the milk yuck the milk is sour!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrr......
so I put on perogies instead! Then when I look in the fridge I notice how dirty it is . Hubbie
does the grocery shopping and throws out weekly what has gone bad. Well I guess he doesnt
see dirt and clean it too. So I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned it all!!!!!!!
Then I cleaned the top of the stove taking out the burners and everything and wiping underneath. I proceeded on to the counters which needed to have old boxes thrown into the
garbage and things moved around. Then I moved all the small appliances and wiped the whole
counter down. Then I wiped out my sink and made it shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear daughter cleaned out the dishwasher so then I put in all the dirty dishes. Time to clean off the next counter top. Again moved things around , put things away and scrubbed it too. I then looked at the floor it needed a good sweeping so I did that too. I had some cookie decorating things on the table so cleaned all that off too and gave it a good scrub.
My kitchen sparkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had Mr. Clean Sponges though to help me clean it would have been easier than the elbow grease I used!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get some and then hand scrub the floor again this week!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to clean the livingroom and then maybe I will get to my bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what a scary thought but I am off for the next two weeks so there will be time along with some fun with Angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I decluttered the fridge too tossing old condiments, some moldy ( shh...) vegetables and some plastic cups too .
Well I think that might be all the cleaning for tonight unless I get another burst and finish up the livingroom. It just needs to be straightened, few things put away and vaccummed if not it can wait for tomorrow. I have no plans this weekend except relax and clean.
Have a great weekend . Stay warm if you are where it snows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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