Monday, December 22, 2008

getting the hang of it

Todays tackle the livingroom. Hubbie told me he wants to move the furniture around which means I need to go through Angel's toy area. I think most are not even played with!!!!!!!!! I dont want it in my livingroom anymore !!!!!!!! I have a wooden cupboard that has stuff in it so first clean it out make space for her stuff. Now she will have two drawers, a wooden cupboard and two baskets for her stuff. I think that should be sufficient room.
So that is what I did a little more than 2 hours later I have gone through it all. I got her to go through the toy area which took oh way too long!!!!!!!!!!! So I decided to do the wooden cupboard area myself and just let her see it all organized. She has no idea what was in there so most of it went.
I feel so good 2 big garbage bags later and I have the two wicker baskets to go through too if she doesnt want to mommy will. I get it the stuff we keep needs to be stuff we love and cherish it by it having a home or displayed. Oh how life will be simpler in the livingroom once this all gets done!!
The bathroom everything has a home. The kitchen too everything has a home!
The big huge tackle between christmas and new years will be my bedroom where everything does not have a home but wish it did!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the last room in the house I will have to go through but will probably wait till March Break for me is my spare bedroom you cant walk through except the area that I showed you I cleaned this summer is still clear!
Okay so off to purge some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have wrapping to still do which will be tonight and tomorrow night and cards to fill out . Oh and some last minute shopping too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I will be tired by christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purge away it feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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