Thursday, December 25, 2008

enjoying christmas

Many years I have dreaded christmas because there was always something not done or last minute stuff or even last minute wrapping which drove me insane.
Well not this year I enjoyed my christmas ! Last night we went over to my hubbie's Aunts which we do every year. She has the most awesome food and bakes from scratch 23 or more different types of christmas cookies. I get to sample many , oh I was good 4 or 5 is all this year I was so full!
All the gifts we bought went over well which is always cause for concern with me.
My daughter loved playing with her little cousin and even snagged some babysitting jobs along with me to help of course. We are going to make more of an effort to get together the girls more often so they dont just see each other once a year and that way they have that bond.
Then today got up and Angel opened her gifts and it was the most reactive year we have had in a long time. One gift she wanted to bad when she opened it she started hugging it and shaking and crying. I was sooooo... moved. Love those faces she makes and the constant chattering as she opens them. Hubbie loved all his stuff too I love spoiling him!!!!!
Then we just rested for the whole rest of the day . Angel played with her toys and we spent the day all together which was really nice!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow now major plans either maybe going to do some boxing day shopping but we will see. I might wait and go out late tomorrow to the 24 hr open stores and see what is left but not have the crowds. It really all depends on the weather.
WEll off to bed hope everyone had a very merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will post some christmas pics.

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