Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 days left till christmas

Yikes only 100 days left till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to be organized though you can pop over
to http://www.100daystochristmas.com/
Tips everyday. Hope this will help me.


HDMac said...

OKOK... I am going to have to use my list as a procrastination project! lol... this is the SECOND time today that I have been reminded that it is 100 days to Christmas... with 15 grand children and planning on MAKING their gifts .. (and about 8 of them have birthdays from October to Dec) I need to get busy!!!! BUSY!!! I am not going to stress over this.. I am going to calmly make up my list and see what materials I have on hand to make what! :)

Have a WONDERFUL day.. it is just gorgeous here!!!

HDMac said...

Ok! You MADE me do it! I have my list written out. Now I am gathering the crocheting directions for the afghans that I am making... will copy them and put them in the notebook with the list. The pattern for the doll is out of a magazine so I am copying that and putting in there and now I have to make the 'Patter" to scale so that I can use it. :) I actually feel less stressed just getting this much organized!