Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this week

Yikes I have come down sick and therefore probably wont accomplish as much as I wanted to.
I did though clean out my lunch bag of last year's papers so I could make way for this years.
I have been procrastinating it so much but it took like 2 minutes to do.
I went shopping for some stuff for the rabbit and socks for Angel today too. With the weather turning and getting so cold we needed socks but couldnt find any today so didnt procrastinate
that at all.
Tonight is student council meeting so that will take up a big part of my night and the finally of big brother too. For once I like both of the finalists so either can win.
We still are getting emails and phonecalls about our me fest . I have had a bunch of leads on new businesses that want to join us. Which all of this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be more back to normal and be able to have energy to get this house all cleaned up.

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HDMac said...

Diane, I am sorry you have been sick!!!

And listen ... you need to post this for the procrastination challenge! Check over on my board and it will give you the link for it... it is Virtually Organized.... You might win something and since you haven't been feeling good, a win will make you feel better! lol

Take care of yourself! Hope you feel better soon!!!