Friday, September 26, 2008

Fridays Flings

This week I took time to go and try and organize photos on my computer into
files . I deleted some that werent that great . I am still working on this one.
I deleted a lot of emails that were piling up. I need to go through the rest read
them and delete them too. I am hoping by next Friday to say I got it down to
an empty inbox. Then set a system in place before I go to bed it has to be empty
every night.
I stuck with my schedule of chores till Angel came down with the chicken pox then
that threw it off. I will go back and start again on Monday. I only have chores scheduled
Mon- Fri and then Sat and Sun are for family and sometimes catch up like this weekend.
I have to do Angel 's laundry and my laundry too!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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