Friday, September 5, 2008


Happy to report I have an empty yes empty inbox!!!!!!!!!! I have not had this since I started with this email account. I moved some into folders but most just went . I pressed select all and then quickly went through and sometimes checked them to keep them but most times pressed delete and they all went bye bye! I also found a folder that said junk mail it was my spam folder , didnt know, so I deleted all bagillion messages in there too !!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow so much lighter!!!!!!!!!
I am going to keep working on my documents folder this week and also bookmarks too lots there to delete. Out with the old and making room!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

woohoo i'd love to see an empty inbox. I started deleting and organzing my bookmarks yesterday. it felt great.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm officially jealous. My inbox is down to 99 (started with 600+). Most of the ones left I have to do something with.

WTG. I imagine it does feel great.

Me said...

Well done! I'm aiming for an empty mailbox though I'm putting a lot into folders.