Saturday, September 20, 2008

oops forgot the Friday Fling

Well this week I worked on a lot of stuff that had to do with the computer. I deleted a lot of applications I dont use. I deleted emails that again piled up while I was working on me fest.
I will start again trying to keep the inbox clear each day and if I want to keep something making sure it gets put into a folder.
I cleaned up the livingroom and tossed a bag of paper clutter. I am going to work on that end table I have put off far too long!!!!!!!! Lots of paper to toss there too!!!!
I tossed some magazines they just keep coming and coming so now gone. I did keep a few I havent read that I want to read.
I went through my computer this week and started to organize all my photos into files so I could access them easier.
I deleted all built up mail again in my facebook account.
I think that is about all for now.
We went to a medieval fair today so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
I am off tomorrow to see We will rock you in Toronto with friends so no cleaning that day.
Monday I start the new schedule and will tweak it as it needs to be as I go along.
It has warmed up here and summer is back happy to report too !!!!!!!!!!!
Okay that is truly enough babbling. Thanks for reading.

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