Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is only Wed.!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this week has dragged by I guess it is because I have had no energy
being sick and all. I finally went to the doctor today , sudafed stopped
working, and I have a bronchial infection and sinus. Feels so much better
having the drugs so hopefully it doesnt take too long to allow me to bounce
I did take the opportunity today when a friend was coming over to make sure
my livingroom was completely done except one end table. I didnt get to it
when she called she was coming but the rest is spic and span. I thought she
was just going to drop by to pick something up quick but I thought what if
she wants to stay for a bit. It was the first time I had her over so she doesnt
need to know the truth yet. ;)
With the ladies show and then getting sick I had really let the house slip. It
feels sooooo much better to get it back to normal. I will work on dishes and
the kitchen tomorrow. I did wipe down the counter and the stove today while I
was making supper.
I need to work on laundry too !!!!!!!!!!! Yikes so much to do !!!!!!!!!
Starting next week I will make a list to follow on what to do on certain days
it worked before and I loved it at a glance you knew what you needed to do that day.
Plus if I have a list I can do it before work or after work my decision instead of
wondering what I should do.
Well off to get Angel ready for bed.
Oh btw if you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area Marisa and Jayme from How do you solve a problem like Maria are putting on a benefit in St. Jacobs. I am doing some of their pr work . Already got one interview lined up for them.
Check the post before.

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HDMac said...

Diane, Glad you were able to get some medication and hopefully they will kick that bug right out of you! :)

Good plan. That is what I need to do is list my chores from day to day to help me stay focused and on task. Besides it feel so good to cross things off your list! :)