Wednesday, September 24, 2008

two things that work for me

First off it is a new product I have tried and now love. I want to go green and have tried a few that make me choke from the smell. This was such a great relief to find something that smelled good and worked so well it is clorox green dishwashing liquid. It cut right through anything without major scrubbing. The one thing you dont get a lot of bubbles but as I have read an ingredient is added to dishwashing liquids to suds up is not good for you. You do a get a bit. The smell is heavenly. Enough that I am going back to walmart tomorrow to stock up they have a coupon attached for a dollar off. It is 3.59 a bottle but with a dollar off and I am doing something good for my environment and me.
It sold me eough that I am probably going to buy all clorox green products!!!!!!!!! Has anyone tried them???????
The second thing that works for me is a pvr. Oh how I could not live without it. I love that I can set it up many different ways just to tape the show on a certain time or to tape it whenever it is on that way I dont miss any. I sometimes set it up to tape even if I watch it on a regular basis because sometimes I get busy with cleaning or really to be honest being on the computer and forget about it.
The other thing hubbie and I use it for is taping a set number of shows which we then watch together on Sat nights, our date night. We love it we get some favourite munchies and settle in.
OKay that is what works for me.

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HDMac said...

I have been noticing the adds for the greenwork! Thanks, for your review, Diane. I am going to try it!!!