Wednesday, June 11, 2008

books and more books

So I guess although I am trying to purge stuff I just bought some more books. The school I work
at was having a booksale and I cant help myself books are my downfall . I mean how can you pass up books at .25 each. I was good though I didnt buy any for myself just 8 for my daughter. I used to work in daycare and purchased kid's books like crazy. I stayed far away from those tables because I dont need them anymore.
She has the same downfall she cant pass up good books either. I figure at the very least it was money well spent so she can read this summer. The only catch to all of this is yesterday at her school her library was giving away books. Yikes she came home with 10 or so today so she has a lot of books to read this summer.
The sale is still tomorrow morning too though and I will try to refrain myself to only a couple or maybe a few for myself.
I need to find homes for all these new books. I think we will put away the younger books on her bookshelf that she doesnt read that are collecting dust and put the new novels on that shelf. For me that is a new way of thinking. I do think where am I going to put this when I want to buy something or what am I going to give up to have this in my house????
I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to do this.
No organzing today we are off to get my daughter's hair done like the medieval times . Our hairdresser is going to put her hair up in braided bun . Tomorrow for her 4th grade she is having a medieval feast celebration.
I am going to do the dishes though so something is being done.

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Tina said...

I have a problem with books too. I recently purged some of our books so they would fit on two smaller bookshelves that bought for the living room because I had to get rid of the big one we had in the hallway.

I'm in the thinking now that if I buy a new book, I have to get rid of one I already have to make room for it.

How exciting to have a medieval feast! Hope your daughter has lots of fun!