Monday, June 30, 2008

not much new today

Well today another rainy/sunny day dreary at times and then other times so sunny and summery. What a weird summer we are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have much energy today could be getting up early for no reason .
I went to the library and got one of my summer reads I wanted Harmonic Wealth by James Ray . I am sure I will blog about what I learn to share and to make notes for me to have after I return the book . The other one Eat,Pray, Love I have on hold and should receive it in the coming weeks.
I am so excited about all the people from all around the world finding my little blog for me it is very exciting to check the ticker to see where people have come from. My hubbie personally thinks I am nuts !
We are shampooing the livingroom carpet tonight but I think really to be honest that is all that will be done from me today unless I get a burst of energy which I is very unlikely. I am using today as a rest day. I will need to vaccum the livingroom before so something will get done. Tomorrow though the kitchen is going down!!!!!!!!!!!! Top to bottom everywhere look out!
I fed the bunny today his name is Cuddles.
WEll that is all for Monday might blog a bit later but I do know I will be very busy reading.
Looking for a recipe if anyone has it for hashbrown casserole I read it on someone's blog last week and wanted to try it. All I remember was hashbrowns, hamburger, sourcream and cheese cant remember the rest. If you have it please share it.
thanks Diane

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