Thursday, June 12, 2008

rest day

Hi I thought I would write a little note before I went to bed.
Today all that got done was cleaning the rabbit cage. After work
today my friend had invited my daughter and myself to go out
for supper with her and her son. I of course agreed thinking yaaaahh
I dont have to cook anything or come up with a supper!
So we went to Mcdonalds and the kids played for almost 3 hours in the
new play area. They loved it. Congrats to Angel she went all the way to
the top considering she is afraid of heights that took guts!!!
Okay I bought a few more books today another chapter book for Angel,
a castle book for her , Thomas book for a friend and charade cards for
Angel's upcoming sleepover birthday party.
Well now I am tired and it is off to bed.

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