Wednesday, June 18, 2008

works for me Wednesday

To make my life easier I hate sorting socks and folding them so I came up with this idea. I went to my dollerstore and bought mesh laundry bags. I gave one to my daughter for socks and one for underwear. Now she fills the bags and then I wash them and we put the bags and all in the top drawer and she gets them out of there. I then have new bags for her fill and when they get full wash them and retrieve the bags from the top drawer that are usually empty and start again.
It works for me and makes one less thing I have to do that I dont like to do. Makes life easier.

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Jen said...

So I really like that idea. I think my kids are old enough now (8 and 5) to do this to the dollar store!

SAHMmy Says said...

Yes--mesh bags are a super time saver! I've been waiting for Target to put them in their Dollar Spot (and go on 75% clearance!) to grab a few more. Will hit the dollar store--thanks for the tip!

Mzzterry said...

great idea. thanks