Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rainy Day and update

I am so glad the rain held off on my daughter she was in her regional
track and field meet today for her school . So she stayed dry but then about 5:00
it started to rain and we had the year end bbq at her school tonight.
Yuck we got our hotdog which was very wet and then went inside
the gym to eat . Not the best time. I even brought my camera thinking
that I would take some pics for my blog. I was busy eating my hotdog
and my daughter was with her friends and then all of a sudden they
were gone they went out to the playground to play. It had not stopped
raining but was just drip dropping . I guess no pics. :(
We stayed and helped to put things away and then came home. I am so
chilled it isnt funny . It is so cold her I could easily turn on the heat. Where
did summer go ??????????
The other thing I wanted to blog about today was how fast the week has
went by. It is crazy that it is Thursday already. I am so glad that I was
smart and did all my housecleaning for the party last Sunday.Thankfully
it has stayed clean too . I have done not too much with having a busy week.
So tomorrow night after work I have to pick up the cake and pick up some
craft stuff. It is so cold I dont think we will be able to swim in our pool. :(
But I will get some craft stuff from the dollerstore and it will keep them
busy till 8 when the movie of the summer comes on , Camp Rock !
So no real cleaning tomorrow will get done either just party time!!!!!!!

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The MeFest Team said...

I'm so wimpy I turned my heat back on 2 nights ago