Saturday, June 28, 2008

We do more than we think and Sat. Habit

I think as moms that we think we dont do much if all the house isnt neat and tidy 24 -7. I have decided we all do more than we think !!!!Yesterday when Angel wanted to go swimming I had to vaccum the pool which wasnt on the list but what about the other things. I mean we make meals and then pick up without realizing it and finally we are responsible for waking the children, tending to their needs or wants all day , driving them places , making snacks, getting them ready for bed , finally tucking them in. I think with all these responsibilities we need to be easier on ourselves. It made me wake up and realize this especially because now I am also activity organizer for the summer and chauffeur too. All the hats we wear doctor, nurse, cook, housecleaner, activity director, chauffeur, hairdresser, personal dresser and finally mommy which encompasses it all.( I am sure I missed a few)
Today I started on my backyard by scrubbing down the plastic chairs with the wonderful Mr.Clean sponge and wiping down the table too . I will need to go out and buy some plastic tablecloths for my two tables sometime this week.

So for my Sat. habits I was looking around today and noticed there were many spots that dont get cleaned on a regular basis and I want to change that. The spots I was looking at were window sills, doors, windows, baseboards, and door frames. My habit is going to make sure I do at least one of these in a room each day so by the end of the summer it will be all done.
Today I wiped down the front door, the framing around our mirror closet door, windexed the front door too. It looks so much better and makes me feel good too to get rid of a lot of dirt.
I am going to start working on Anthea Turners book " The Perfect Housewife" so I dont miss anything in each room. I will add to her lists in each room if I have anything to add.
I also am going to try three new recipes this week. Maybe by the end of summer I will be doing the menu planning for the week. I want to try and have some homemade baking done every week too.
So this weeks will be banana bread.
Well off to spend some time with my family.
Have a great weekend.

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Jen said...

Diane - I love this post...especially the part about mom jobs. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I feel like I haven't gotten anything done, when I look around and see a mess everywhere. But in reality, a lot has gotten done, you just can't see it sometimes!

Once you get your fridge and freezer done, post a pic! I'll share another simple idea for fridges tomorrow! :)