Thursday, June 26, 2008

last day of school ( random ramblings along with the summer plan)

So today was the last day of school for me as I am an educational assistant in the school board.
I now have 8 weeks off to spend with my wonderful daughter. I am so thankful for having this
time as she is growing up so fast. She will be 10 officially on July 7th.
Okay so some organizing plans for the summer. Next week we are working on the backyard. We will make it into an oasis that we can spend time in for the summer. Get on the gardening gloves and weed and weed and weed some more and then buy a couple of planter baskets and plant some flowers out front. ( next weeks plan) Oh and tomorrow for us is do nothing day !!!!!!!!!! Stay in you pjs and hang out all day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only real big plan I have for the summer is to get my daughter's closet properly organized which will happen when I decide the plan for it.
Today was quite emotional with me going to another school next year the children gave me lots of hugs and I got a huge bouquet from everyone at the school!!!!!! I will miss Northlake Woods but I might be back never say never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The other plan for me for the summer is to read Eat, Pray, Love. If you have read let me know what you think.

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