Thursday, July 31, 2008

goal setting

I am reading this book right now and will be blogging things I know have helped me but hopefully will be able to help someone else too.
First today I am going to talk about goal setting . In the book she lists 10 commandments of goal setting.
1)Conceive it , believe it and achieve it!! - she says if you cant visualize yourself actually achieving it wont happen.

2)Make the goal very specific.

3) List your goal activities. - Every goal has 3 parts main goal, subgoal and minigoal .
Always start at the minigoal and work your way backwards.

4) Establish the order in which subgoals will be worked on . List them in priority order that matters to you .

5)What resources do you need??- search out resources. Know what the goal is going to cost you in terms of time and money.

6)Give yourself deadlines - for each subgoal set a date to be accomplished by.

7) Use my handy form
ex. State the Goal at the top
then make columns minigoals listed, completion date for each, resources( time it will take and money amount needed to complete it.)

8) Be flexible - if something happens then you wont be able to accomplish it. Sometimes things are beyond your control will temporarily prevent you from continuing your program. Check your program and sometimes it might have to be revised.

9)Be enthusiastic

10) Reward yourself- be proud of every little accomplishment. Treat yourself to something you enjoy.

I can see how these 10 steps will help me to organize my life and house.
Stay tuned more tomorrow for decluttering tips.
This a good book and some of the things I have done others I want to apply to my life.
She also has wrote the book Confessions of a Happily Organized Homemaker. I will get that one out of the library next week. I have a few others to read too that I took out of the library which if there is anything good I will share.
Hope you learned something and enjoyed this post.

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