Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had to share this

We are off on a day trip will post trips when I get back but this couldnt wait!!!
Yesterday on Works for me Wednesdays hosted by
I found the best tip. If you havent checked out Works for me Wednesdays you should . I love when it is Wednesday I learn so much. Mrs. Sprinkles at posted this and I am really addicted now worse to blogging.
So if you dont go to Mrs. Sprinkles website let me tell you all about it. There is a program called sage that you can download if you have fire fox as your browser that allows you to organize and easily access your blogs you read. You can go here and check it out for yourself
I tried the google reader and it didnt excite me as this did. I love it because I have saved so many blogs and was only reading a select few daily. I have went through maybe 1/3 of the blogs that I have bookmarked and moved them over to this reader. I just went through11 blogs in about 1 minute. It posts all of there blog and you can easily see if they have a new blog or not.
Try it you dont want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay off for the day !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mrs. Sprinkles said...

Wow--thanks for the shout-out! Thanks for your tip about your clothing drawer--my husband really needs one of those! :)