Saturday, July 26, 2008

Personal Shopping

Well today was an experience and a half. With putting together the womans show in Sept. we had a personal stylist want to book a table I also gave her the choice if she wanted to dress me and my co-host for the show. We wanted something new and cute!

We started shopping at 9am when the store opened. The stylist first took before pics we are helping her to make a book of before and afters and she is posting it on her website too. Mutually beneficial.
Next we started going through the store piling anything and everything into a cart . I tried to keep a real open mind and even picked things I wouldnt normally wear. We had a whole cart full so then went to try them on.
First on goes a brown skirt and 3 tops that go with it. I loved the skirt and knew I would buy it even if it wasnt part of "the outfit" and loved 2 tops. I kept trying on lots of things but still loved the brown skirt. I had found a light blue blazer too. So then after 3 hours of trying on things I said I think I am buying the first brown skirt and top that I tried on with the blue blazer. Wow what a sharp outfit!!!!!!!!!!
Jen this is for you know who you are it was a outlet store so here is what I spent and what it was marked down from
brown skirt: 14.99(that is why I wanted to buy it!!!!) regular 80.00
Blue top: 29.99(not as good as a deal but still marked down) regular 50.00
Blue Blazer:29.99( really marked down another great deal) regular 99.00

I was happy but my co-host though she is still looking . We went to 2 other stores to try on more clothes for her but didnt find "the outfit".

The other thing I discovered today was I can wear lime green and love it !!!!!!!

Overall lots of fun but shopping can be hard work!!!!!!!! What I learned try on everything sizing means nothing! Try on everything because what you normally might not wear you may be missing out on something great!!!!!!! Be patient!!!!!!!!!!

So the outfit is ready and I am getting my hair done the Friday before the show and my makeup done the morning of the show and touch up on hair. Wow it feels great to be this pampered something I normally dont do for myself.

So today take some time for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marcia said...

Hi Diane

I can't wait to have you join me on the August Decluttering Challenge. Thanks for the comment.

You're welcome to take the button and put it on your sidebar to motivate you further!!!

Only 4 days to go - yayyy