Wednesday, July 16, 2008

works for me Wednesday

I want to share and brag about a product. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser !!!!!!
If you have not tried this product it is one not to be missed. I have cleaned
my whole house top to bottom with this product.
The best is the white patio furniture that went from gray to white again.
Or my kitchen floor that I thought I was looking really bad and I would have
to replace it. Well yesterday I had one of the heavy duty eraser sponges and
tried it all the dirt and grime that I thought was right into the floor came up
and my floor now looks brand new after doing the whole thing with the sponge.
So if you havent tried it I would go out and buy it well worth every penny!


Tina said...

We have a similar product in Australia. I absolutely LOVE it! Love that you just need a little water and it cleans EVERYTHING!

Jen said...

Ohhhh! I have several of these on hand and use them occasionally, but have never thought of doing the whole kitchen floor. I have a blah vinyl floor in there and it looks very dingy. I think I'll give this a try! :)