Wednesday, July 9, 2008

how do you solve a clothing problem???

Okay first let me preface this tip by either saying you will either find this the height of laziness or pure genius move. For me it would be the later. I have a problem and know of others too with putting clothing away. So some decide to put it at the bottom of the bed, or a chair or lastly the top of the dresser. The last one was my favourite place it seemed like I was too tired to put them away every night. But then I got a great idea I had an empty drawer so what I do now is place them in the drawer any clothing I wear except the dirty clothes they go in the hamper. Then once a week or when the drawer is about to overflow I go in and sort through them.
I love this idea and it has made one less problem with keeping my room clean.
Hope you like the idea!!!!!!!!!!

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