Monday, July 21, 2008

great news and some stuff done

I decided to use today as housework and catch up day. Then the rest of the week I can just hang out and not do too much.
Angel went to the library for girls rule day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She made some nice key chains, bracelets and bathing salts .
When I came home I did her laundry and did all the dishes!!!!!
Hubbie bought me the chair he owed me for mothers day . I know it is July and not May but they were sold out everywhere. He got me an anti-gravity chair oh heaven when you lie in it.
My daughter is in love with it too we might have to go back and get her one too.
The children down the street had to come and try it out too it got the thumbs up by all!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do I think if I dont buy another I wont be in mine very often.
Hubbie did the lawn work both here and at his dads( we are taking care of his dad's house for 5 weeks while he is at the cottage).
Well two great things happened today among the mundane things. One I am registered to take an introductory braille course. I am so excited I even got an email from my instructor already.
Second involving the me fest we have a personal stylist that took a table a couple of weeks ago and I asked her if she would dress us for the event. She didnt respond so I thought that was a lost cause looks like it is not. She is taking us shopping to dress us and also she wants to use us for her website and before/after book. I have always wanted to be on what not to wear show and now I will have a chance to pick a stylists brain to what I should wear for my body type. I am so excited did I say that yet or not !!!!!!!!!!!
Well that is all for today .


Jen said...

Braille? Cool!

I bet it is going to be so fun shopping with the stylist for your event. I love that show, too, and would love to hear what is perfect for me.

To answer your question from a previous comment, my kids go back to school the day after labor day. It should be the first Tuesday in September. They don't get out until mid-June, so that's why they go back so late. It seems really early to go back now. End of July? Wonder when they got out. Probably May. That would make sense.

Have fun on your day trips this week.

Tina said...

Hi Diane, I tagged you for an award :)