Saturday, July 12, 2008

What to do ??????????

So today was a rainy day yuck. It didnt motivate me to do much but
I thought I want to get out so I took my daughter to the library and then
off to the mall to run some errands and have a churro. ( we deserved a treat)
I was even nice and brought one home for my hubbie.
Well a whole lot more books to read. I decided I am not wasting my time at
all on the Eat, Pray,Love book. I am returning it. I just need to scan some
pages from the Harmonic Wealth and then I can return it too.
Also thanks Lisa for returning "How to be a Perfect Housewife".
I will have to look at that again and get refreshed.

So this weeks chores look like to get this house in shape again after running
and being out last week with hubbie on holidays and all the house needs some
I will start with the dishes so the kitchen is clean.
Then I have to do my daughter's laundry- Monday-missed her laundry day last week we went to the beach.
Then hoping to get around to the bathroom cabinet . Lastly some of the bags of clothing we
have stored to go through and sort and then purge to a charity what is not wanted or needed.

Plans with Angel so far for the week Monday- library program and swim , Tues- waterpark, Wed- have a friend over to swim not sure for Thurs or Friday yet. I might need a rest by then.
Off to read.

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