Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filing Cabinet Still a Work Inprogress

I have to go out and buy some filefolders and envelopes to organize the rest I have left. I have decided to set up some systems that will work for me . I am going to have one filefolder for receipts called shopping receipts. Within that filefolder I am going to have envelopes for each store that I shop at that I decide I need to keep receipts for. I am going to also have one for christmas gifts separate to keep. Then once christmas is done I can either put them into the shopping recipt ones if it was a gift for my daughter or husband and then get rid of the rest of them.
I havent exactly decided on how I am going to organize the rest of the filefolders other than to have one for 1st me fest to keep the contacts and info in and then one for the spring me fest we are working on right now. I will have one for Those Two Girls and put any other information into for our business.
Does anyone have any great ideas on how to organize the rest of the filefolders???? I will need one for read later, school stuff- one for each school I a currently work for. I will have a misc school one which I will have past school information information in it and any board of education stuff I have.
Recipes would be a good one too but maybe I will just buy a binder for that one.
I bought a binder already for all the business cards I already have and the ones I will be collecting for my shows. I am also going to have a filefolder to easily be able to throw any new business cards I get so I can know where they are at . Then I will take time once in awhile , not sure on time line though, to put them into the business card binder.
What type of titles do you have for your filefolders????????

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